Here are a few compliments I've been honored to receive over the years.

And while the public recognition is wonderful, I'm most touched by the kind words that my team and colleagues have bestowed, some of which you can see on my LinkedIn page others are warm memories in my heart.


8 Digital Experts Entrepreneurs Can Learn From

Not only does she have the digital smarts most entrepreneurs should aim for, but she has a very engaging social presence as well. She is ubiquitous at conferences around the United States in her role of evangelizing IBM’s services. And she is a master at sharing others’ content and insight, with a level of generosity that transcends basic broadcasting. She’s a testament to the emerging trend of big companies empowering their employees to tell their stories more authentically.

Mel Carson, Entrepreneur Magazine

50 Brilliant Marketers to Follow in 2017

A data-driven marketing executive, Michelle Killebrew focuses on delivering an enjoyable brand experience through every step of the process for customers. Previously holding several key strategic roles at IBM, Killebrew has expanded her global marketing resume by leading a marketing team for a multi-billion dollar investment management firm. Her digital marketing expertise has made her a popular speaker at conferences and events like TEDx.

Jordan Merimee, Shutterstock



50 Most Influential Women in Digital Marketing

Michelle has a background in digital marketing for high tech companies with a focus of delivering a superior brand experience. Michelle has received the brand Innovators 40 Under 40 award, DMNews 40 Under 40 award, a 2014 Killer Content Award and many more.

Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing