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SES Chicago 2013

Join my session at SES Chicago on Wednesday November 6th from 2:00-3:00 pm.

Rethink B2B Marketing: How to Turn B2B Social into a Lead Gen Machine

The road to social media failure is paved with good intentions. Without a cohesive strategy, processes, tools, and governance, well-intentioned marketers can cause more harm than good. Equally well-intentioned senior executives know they need to get social, but don't understand the channel, how deeply it cuts through their strategy, or how to guide their teams through the strategic and cultural transformation needed to take full advantage of its potential. In this session, hear how to take your social media program to the next level:

  • Step 1: Forget Social Media. Think Content Marketing
  • Step 2: Define your objectives
  • Step 3: Measurement. What's 'success' mean to you?
  • Step 4: Infrastructure. Get some help
  • Step 5: Governance. Lock it down
  • Step 6: Listen, learn and adapt

Ploy Tangtrakul, Marketing Coordinator, Incisive Media                                             


Michelle Killebrew, Program Director, Strategy & Solutions, Social Business, IBM
John Lee, Manager, Brand & Social Marketing, Webtrends